Mini Albums

For the love of Chanel

Ok everyone so this was my very first mini album I had ever created as well as my very first paper crafting experience, Im still shocked about how it turned out! I was inspired to make this album after stumbling across a video of a vintage mini album that Tracy (YT- Tracystreasures24) had made. At first I didn't know what it was but the video "still" attracted me to watch it because it looked like a gorgeous vintage book. OMG I must have watched this video from start to finish like a gazillion times! And Tracy if you happen to read this "your welcome" half of the views on there are from me LOL!!!

So after watching that video that started it all....I was amazed and mesmerized by all of the interactive elements that Tracy had put into this little book called a "mini album." I kept thinking should I contact Tracy and ask to purchase her gorgeous vintage mini? Come to realized this was an album swap she did and I cannot purchase it as much as I wanted to get my hands on it. After exploring more of her videos on her YT channel, I started watching the tutorials on how she made those interactive page elements to how she binded the album. I finally discovered that there was an entire community that was making mini albums and showcasing it on youtube. I started watching videos from other inspirationally talented ladies besides Tracy and just to name a few:  Kathryn (life on the scrapbeach), Robyn (injoystampin), Laura (followingthepapertrail).

I definitely had a lot of time on my hands as I was pregnant and on my 2nd trimester, a stay at home mom with nothing much to do but take care of my 3 year old Jessa. It was driving me insane not being able to do anything or go anywhere much. Besides caring for my daughter, I was either shopping online or socially interact with friends on Facebook. At the time I was much of a Facebook addict..constantly checking newsfeeds and posts until hubby decided to ban me from it lol thinking that I was spending way too much time on it. He decided to make me a deal...OMG at the time there was a Chanel bag I was dying to have and he told me if I wanted it I would have to give up facebook until the baby arrives. So I told him fine, deal is on..hehe....
It was hard after deactivating my FB account, I had to find ways to keep myself busy so that I wouldn't go back on because once you log on it will automatically activate on its own. Shockingly enough I was able to refrain myself for an entire month LOL and no urges to log on since. I soon realize having an FB account was not anything important..pretty much why would it be as it just seem so silly to even have one in the first place and posting up pretty much your life for everyone to read. So couple months passed by and than that's when I started viewing vids on youtube.

I figured I might as well make use of my time, and thought how hard can it be to make a duplicate mini album like the one Im drooling over? Sooo I decided to watch more vids and took down notes as well as compile a list of supplies and tools I would need to make a mini album. And boyyy did that list get long and did I break the bank! LOL! I was sooo determined it didn't matter anymore. After spending hundreds of dollars buying tools (some I didn't even need) and embellishments, I knew I had to move forth.

Once I had everything I thought I needed, it was time to get started. I needed a theme to focus my mini album on. The only thing that kept popping up in my head was Chanel!! Oh my goodness I was determined to have 2 things at the is a gorgeous mini album, the other was another Chanel bag to add to my collection. So I thought ok Im going to make a mini album inspired by Chanel!!! And honestly did I think I was really going to use it and put pictures in it once it was not really...I knew I was just craving to have one made. I guess pregnancy will make you crave alot of things besides food! In my case that is LOL.

So here is my pregnancy craving that had been satisfied after many hours of creating for a good 2 weeks.
Im sure you all have seen my youtube video of this mini album, it's actually my first recording and upload ever for my youtube channel. OMG I was soo nervous!