Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome To My Blog and My First Blog Post For 2012!!!

Hi Everyone!!! First off thanks for watching my videos and clicking on the link to visit my blog here! I wanted to start off 2012 with a BANG!!! LOL This is extremely exciting and new for me to FINALLY have a BLOG YAY!!! And OMG hopefully I will be able to periodically update it.
OK SOoo.. Before I really did not care to have a blog or have ever done any type of blogging whatsoever, although I have visited a few blogs of fellow scrappers and in my opinion thought it might be too time consuming.. a lot of work to create and keep up with LOL! I honestly thought that I didn't want to put myself in that situation because I rarely have enough time to craft as it is....
What actually changed my mind and lead me to consider having one is the feeling of being left out!LOL...OMG it's the fact that I cannot participate in blog hops and blog candy giveaways ...yada..yada..yada..without a blog haha! Aside from that I would get numerous messages from my wonderful subbies on youtube asking me if I had one or that I should have one! So with that mentioned, I decided to jump on the band wagon and FINALLY create this blog... and of course it's mainly for you guys out there that have encouraged me to have one, so thankyou soo much!

I plan to share the details of my work with quality pictures of my projects because we all know that sometimes the camcorder does not capture it's true colors. My goal with this blog is to also create a store section that I can make available some of my handmade mini albums, kits, fabric flowers etc. for purchase....So keep stalking and don't forget to check back periodically hehe.

I hope to able to share more here and try to utilize this as a journal.....and just in case I cannot record youtube vids of my projects because you all know Iam a busy mother of 2 little ones =).. I have so many ideas and lots to share! Im extremely ecstatic, now that I have a blog I can be able to leave you ladies comments on your blog and participate in blog hops and blog candy giveaways.. so HOORAY!

I tried to make this blog user friendly as possible considering that Im not great at technical stuff either, so I hope you all are able to breeze through my blog without a problem. Please be sure to check the individual tab sections located above. I've decided to add a music playlist to my blog because I enjoy listening to music everywhere and hope I can express and share with you more about me and what I love aside from crafting.

Thankyou so much for stopping by... feel free to follow and I'll be sure to do the same! =)

Big Hugz


  1. Congrats Kelly on your blog! It looks great! Look forward to seeing your growth!


  2. Kelly,
    love your blog and your girl are precious! One thing I would say about the blog is in regards to the music. You may want to disable the auto play because I tried watching a video you have on one of your pages and the music played over the vid and I could not hear it. Thank you for sharing all that you do! I am a follower.
    Laura aka sassyssentiments......laurasil on youtube

  3. Ohhh Kelly, your blog is GORJUSS!! LOL I have a blog and I don't update it as much as I should but I'm not very computer savvy and I always end up messing it up!!
    Love your videos and your work, super fantastic!! Also your family is beautiful!!

  4. Kelly, Congratulations on your blog. I've been following you on YT for a while. Love your projects and tutorials. You are a very talented young lady. What an awesome blog you have, and what a cute family. Wish you all the best for 2012. Keep up the scrappy work. Can't wait to see more. Hugs Cyndie

  5. Congrats on your new blog! Love the design it is so you girl!

  6. Congratulations on your blog. I currently follow you on youtube and enjoy your videos. Good luck with your blog.

  7. Happy new year Kelly, and congrats on your new gorgeous blog!! How fun that your now also in blogland!! Loved reading your Christmas post too :) Gorgeous pictures of you and your family :) Have fun with your new blog, and all the best for the new year!! Hugs and smiles, Linda

  8. Love the look of you new blog is very pretty!
    And my oh my you where so spoiled love those youtube video's you almost got me to cry.....

  9. p.s. I became your 50th follower that's so cool...

  10. Hey pretty girl! LOVE the blog, yeah! and cool music, Im gonna use your blog as my radio station when Im crafting!lol
    take care

  11. Hi Kelly...curious about an album you posted on YouTube..Posh Mini Album. Where would I find the actual binder you are using. It doesn't look like a typical 3 ring or post type binder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way, your creativity is astounding. Thank you again.

  12. It's great that you are blogging as well. I just stumbled on your YouTube channel a couple of weeks back and I have to say that your videos and crafts have been very inspiring. I've now started making my own cards and sending them to family and friends, as well as I'm about to start a special art project with a dear friend of mine back in Canada. Hopefully you will check out my blog, and I'm going to be posting pictures of the first two cards I mad, as soon as my Nona and Mami get them.

  13. hey kelly I'm one of your subbies and thought id pop over and check out you blog :) you, your family, your blog, and all your cards you've been sharing on youtube are absolutley gor-juss!!!!! I've been watcing your hauls and raks and I get so jealous of all the awesome scrappy goodies you guys get over in the states....I love drooling over haul vids :) keep up the great work kelly I know it must be hard to have a hobby with 2 lil bubbies <3 scrappy hugs tasha (YT-artsongandsoul)

  14. Hi Kelly,
    I just came across your Once Upon A Time Mini Album on You Tube. I LOVE the little gold frame on the cover. Can you please tell me where I can get one of those? I am getting married at Disneyland next year and I would love to use that frame with my album as well. Thank you! I couldn't find an email address for you. Could you please email me at Thanks! Katie :o)

  15. Congratulations Kelly on starting this blog. The layout is very appealing so "you"...hip, stylish & attractive :)
    I had been out from the YouTube channel for quite sometime. I closed my shop on Zibbet and moved everything to Etsy.( I would be really honored (again) if you update your link here.
    Your family looks wonderful!
    Wishing you lots & lots of success, happiness & peace in your heart.

  16. Hi Kelly!

    Hope everything's good. We miss your tutorials. Come back soon!

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