Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome To My Blog and My First Blog Post For 2012!!!

Hi Everyone!!! First off thanks for watching my videos and clicking on the link to visit my blog here! I wanted to start off 2012 with a BANG!!! LOL This is extremely exciting and new for me to FINALLY have a BLOG YAY!!! And OMG hopefully I will be able to periodically update it.
OK SOoo.. Before I really did not care to have a blog or have ever done any type of blogging whatsoever, although I have visited a few blogs of fellow scrappers and in my opinion thought it might be too time consuming.. a lot of work to create and keep up with LOL! I honestly thought that I didn't want to put myself in that situation because I rarely have enough time to craft as it is....
What actually changed my mind and lead me to consider having one is the feeling of being left out!LOL...OMG it's the fact that I cannot participate in blog hops and blog candy giveaways ...yada..yada..yada..without a blog haha! Aside from that I would get numerous messages from my wonderful subbies on youtube asking me if I had one or that I should have one! So with that mentioned, I decided to jump on the band wagon and FINALLY create this blog... and of course it's mainly for you guys out there that have encouraged me to have one, so thankyou soo much!

I plan to share the details of my work with quality pictures of my projects because we all know that sometimes the camcorder does not capture it's true colors. My goal with this blog is to also create a store section that I can make available some of my handmade mini albums, kits, fabric flowers etc. for purchase....So keep stalking and don't forget to check back periodically hehe.

I hope to able to share more here and try to utilize this as a journal.....and just in case I cannot record youtube vids of my projects because you all know Iam a busy mother of 2 little ones =).. I have so many ideas and lots to share! Im extremely ecstatic, now that I have a blog I can be able to leave you ladies comments on your blog and participate in blog hops and blog candy giveaways.. so HOORAY!

I tried to make this blog user friendly as possible considering that Im not great at technical stuff either, so I hope you all are able to breeze through my blog without a problem. Please be sure to check the individual tab sections located above. I've decided to add a music playlist to my blog because I enjoy listening to music everywhere and hope I can express and share with you more about me and what I love aside from crafting.

Thankyou so much for stopping by... feel free to follow and I'll be sure to do the same! =)

Big Hugz